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News archives at the end of 2008

picture Antoine Piechaud

Even if the band doesn't live anymore, Little Nemo is still present in new stuff. This website will announce it and benefit from your contributions (press reviews, interviews, pictures, memories). I'm looking for any audio document (demoes, live recordings) as well as an interview in the French magazine L'Indic of 1992.

NEWS 2008


At last a scoop!

The french label Infrastition will reissue Little Nemo's albums.
The first reissue will gather Past and Future (for the first time on CD!), Private Life and Sounds in the Attic.
The release is planned for the very beginning of 2009.

Little Nemo should play a gig in Paris to celebrate the event!

While Christmas is getting closer, listen to a bonus in the radio playlist of this site, a 1990 live version of Sandcastle, plugged from the mixing desk (Thanks to Ronan!).

On the Aqualites page, you can listen two unreleased songs, very "chanson française", "Croquis" and "Modèle".

Enjoy and wait for other forthcoming bonus, visuals and vidéo.

To be followed...


After a long summer vacancy, which I hope allowed you to explore the depths of this site, here's the latest news and some updates:

The band still plans to play gigs and reissue its previous works with bonus tracks, and maybe more... As soon as these events are scheduled, they will be announced here until an official website appears. Here's a recent picture of the band to keep you waiting...

"Land of counterpane", an old 1984 song, once broadcasted on the My Space page and whose lyrics can be read in the attic section, is now at the end of the radio playlist.
Thanks to Gildas for making this track avalaible.

Speaking about the My Space touching pop, the very first version of "Bed in Summer", a song later re-recorded for the 1986 "cassette froide" is broadcasted there, as well as "Prison de cristal" (hey, Gildas, that's a replay!).

A german topic written by Markus Khol about Little Nemo has been published on the Nonpop website (to be read here).

Others updates (detailled above) are beeing made this month:

an interview of Olivier taking place between the "Sounds in the attic" and "Turquoise Fields" eras for a french fanzine dedicated to The Cure, "Kissing Booklet" in 1989

and the flyer for the first "Route du Rock" festival in 1991

Little Nemo 2008!

June brings many press to read about the Turquoise Fields days, as detailled in the updates section above.

As for the present time, while the news about this reformation is announced on the web, the rehearsals are going on. Fifteen songs, including very old ones are on the set-list.

Yves tells us more about the state of mind behind this reformation on the Aqualites My Space.

Plans will be announced here once they are confirmed, but be patient, it shouldn't be before september...

Another picture of the 2007 gig


While rehearsals are going on for a next gig, here's for you viewing pleasure an "amateur" cover of l'Overprose found on Daily Motion (the french You Tube).
Good viewing. To be followed...



After having travelled in Little Nemo's past on this website, the time has come to tell about the present and even the forthcoming future!

At the end of 2007, Vincent (vocals/guitar/bass), Bill (vocals/bass/guitar), Ronan (keyboards 80's) and Yves (drums/exotic sounds) reunited to play Little Nemo's songs for a private gig (the two pictures nearby).
They're planning another public gig in Paris in a few months to play some "Little Nemo revisited" (dixit Vincent).

If Olivier doesn't join this live reunion, he has another task in charge, working on Little Nemo past material's reissue, promising a forthcoming surprise.

To be continued...

Yves, Bill, Vincent et Ronan

Pictures of Little Nemo in studio for the recording of Turquoise Fields have just been added on the memories page.
A big thank you to Fuschia for sharing these precious memories with us!

In the radio playlist, you will find two instrumental tracks, published on a limited edition EP for the release of "The world is flat" in 1992, "Solstice" composed by Bill and "April Anne" composed by Ronan.


Two unreleased tracks recorded in 1987 by Little Nemo have just been added on My Space touching pop, the poppy (?) "The art of dying" and "Crépuscule".

A fan of Little Nemo named "La Momie" has recorded in his home-studio several covers of this band. I've been in contact with him for several months and he has just made his works on Little Nemo and other bands listenable at the following adress:
Feel free to leave him a comment (more original than the boring Thanks for the add!).

Great news for fans of touching pop:
newly recorded tracks by Babel 17 and Mary Goes Round's Jerome new project, Brachko are listenable on their respective My Space pages.


A few informations and rarities to begin 2008,
a year I hope fruitful in news:

The song Blue Years, from Private Life, appears on the Infrastition label's "Transmission continued" sampler CD, with other French bands. It can be ordered here .

The first version of Love is a lie, different from the faster one on the Der Bau sampler tape (1986) and from the fresher one published as a bonus track on Turquoise Fields (1990) is listenable on the My Space touching pop.

A live recording of 'Handful of sand" from the Festival Mouffetard gig (1989) is in the radio playlist.

At last, the spécial Little Nemo part of the radio programm Back to the oldies broadcasted on December, the 14th of 2007 is downloadable here.
(mp3 file lasting 40mn, you've got time to enjoy a hot tea or a fresh beer).

Happy new year to all of you!

NEWS 2007


As Christmas is coming closer, here's some gifts for Little Nemo fans:

On the band Aqualites's page, two songs were listenable, Les Chiens (Dogs) and Les Pierres de Gavrinis (Gavrinis' Stones), whose original version, from Vincent Le Gallo's unreleased solo LP, was broadcasted in 1992 on Lenoir's show.
Four new songs have just been added!

On this site's radio, listen to a live version of The Joker, from a fan recording of a gig in Paris at the Mouffetard Festival in 1989.
Others titles from 1989 gigs will be broadcasted soon....
thanks to Jean-Christophe for these precious audio documents!
That could make us inscene!

Also on the (real) radio, the webmaster of this site is the guest of the radio programm Back to the oldies on Radio Arverne
Friday the 14th of December from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (French hour).
with a special Little Nemo programm at the end of the show.
This programm is listenable live on the Internet and broadcasted one more time on Sunday the 16th of December from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM. To listen to this radio, just click on this link.

At last , a new unreleased track (from the beginnings) should soon be listenable on
my space touching pop.

Open your ears!


WINTER TIME (an attempt in translating "L'heure d'hiver")

"A lazy old sun
Behind a veil
Of fogs and threads,
Crossed by a current,
Dispersed by the wind
Above the cities

Daybreak wanders
A bit later
Light hides away
It's winter time

Soon it reaches
Its meridian
Through frost and glass
Its feeble warmth
Some colours"

Feel free to send me your own translation...

As France will soon put the clocks back (one more hour to sleep... or to enjoy being awaken on Saturday the 27th's night), the song L'heure d'hiver (taken from Turquoise Fields) logically leads the radio playlist.

This is also an opportunity to let you know that a few updates listed above have been made since October 1st (Thanks again to Stephane for the concert tickets).

The memories page already featured a playlist of the 1989 gig at La Cle in Saint-Germain en Laye.
Three pictures taken on this night have just been added on the same page, in the pictures section.

Many thanks to Stephane for this contribution!

If you ever wonder what former Little Nemo members did after the band's split, check the late band Aqualites' s page on My Space. The voice should sound familiar to you...

Georges, Olivier, Yves, Ronan & Bill

Did you ever have the opportunity to go to a Little Nemo gig?
Now, on the radio, you will be able to hear the Lille concert, recorded on January the 26th of 1991 in Lille (France) by Charles, a belgian fan with a dictaphone! The sound is good enough to give you a good idea of what happened then! This a gig with Georges (guitar), Ronan (keyboards), Yves (drums), Bill (bass) and Olivier (vocals). Vincent was not playing live then.

Great thanks to Charles for this priceless recording! This gig is broadcasted with Olivier Champeau's agreement.


Another rarity for June, thanks again to Raphael:

an interview and the reviews of Little Nemo's works published in the number one of
"Lively zine", a fanzine wholly dedicated to the Lively Art label at the beginning of 1990. You can read it here.
The Turquoise Fields website is now one year old!

Thanks to to all of you who helped to make it prosperous or simply took the pain to write!

To celebrate also the 20th birthday of the home-made tape "Past & Future"'s release in June 1987, you can listen it at the end of the radio playlist.
Good sonic trip, from the medieval poem "La Balade des pendus" by Villon, put in music to the track "Future is now"... recorded 20 years ago.

Furthermore, the french label Infrastition has just reissued the first album by another band of the Touching Pop, Babel 17.

Some fresh news from the drummer on the Turquoise Tour and "The world is flat" album, Yves, who now plays with the band Maxa. They will play a gig in Paris on April 28th, more informations on their my space page and more tracks to listen to on their radio-blog.

Let's search for the easter eggs...(Easter)

For Easter, search for two treasures hidden in the radio playlist:
"Easter", sung by Olivier and "Back to the sea", sung by Vincent.
thanks to raphael for making it possible to listen to these two unreleased tracks, from a demo tape whose sleeve appears on the right side (1986?).

The tracks which appeared on several samplers between 1986 and 1991 have also been added to the radio playlist.

Feel free to contact me for any addition, suggestion or remark...


Let's go on with some rarities added: pictures of the very beginning and an interview with Olivier in 1991.

Other news: the Mary Goes Round anthology is beeing reissued by Infrastition and can be ordered here.

At least, the webmaster of this site is the guest of the french radio programm Back to the oldies(listenable on the net on Friday March 2nd at 7:00 PM).
To begin this new year, some rarities, including the first bio of the band, are added thanks to Gildas of the my space page (see the updates section above). Others will follow, including one if a Belgian fan gives us some news...
Olivier's interview broadcasted with the 1990 radio session is now listenable in the radio section.




For Christmas, some gifts are waiting for your ears on the radio station...
A radio broadcasting Little Nemo's 1990 radio session and the lyrics of Land of Counterpane, a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson have been found in the attic. This poem was put into music by Little Nemo on one of their old demoes, once listenable at the my space page.
A new page is added, the attic, with the videos to watch, with the New Flood one, as well as on Youtube and the my space page.


On Youtube and on the my space page can be found the videos of You again et Cadavres Exquis. Watch out!
"Anybody home", a Little Nemo track originaly on the Cadavres Exquis EP in 1990 will appear on the Movement One sampler on str8line records, published in October.

Two other touching pop bands are now on my space:
Asylum Party whose whole back catalogue has been reissued by the Infrastition label, with unreleased tracks from the Univers Clos demo tape and sampler tracks. Pure joy in our hearts!

A cover of their classic "Pure joy in my heart" by the american band Blacklist can be seen on the Little Nemo my space page.

and Mary Goes Round whose deleted production and other tracks should benefit from a reissue by Infrastition.


Gildas playing drums on the "Cadavres Exquis" video

On his my space page dedicated to Little Nemo, Gildas has replaced the instrumental track Muppets by "Les Jouets" (Toys in english), a song from the Cassette Froide, the first official release (1986)

June & July

sleeve of a demo tape designed by Gildas

Gildas, a friend of Little Nemo since the early beginning, has opened a page on myspace where you can listen to old unreleased demoes from Little Nemo (1984-1985).

Only four tracks at the same time, for the moment Muppets, Les Vallées du Songe, Prison de Cristal et Land of Counterpane.
Check often because Gildas will make a turnover!


Good listening!


picture from the Bazoline website
Olivier, the former singer now known under the name Doctor Olive give us some news on a forum of New Wave XG.

He wishes to reissue the complete Little Nemo discography but wants to find the suitable label to make it perfect. He firmly dismisses any idea of reformation (don't even think about it!).

Under the name Doctor Olive, a 12" of remixes of Heart burns has been released and a new 12" featuring a Roxy Music cover will be release. An opportunity to hear him sing again... more informations here.

Teepee on the leaflet of the 13 sampler
On the Babel 17 website, you can read stories about touching pop and download an unreleased track of Teepee, the super-group featuring Olivier Champeau, Philippe Planchon (Asylum Party) and Jean-jean (Babel 17).


The Optical Sound and Infrastition labels have released the RVB-Transfert DVD about the french underground bands from 1979 to 1991 (post-punk era). The video of New Flood can be found amongst the 47 videos of different bands, amongst which Asylum Party, Babel 17 and Mary Goes Round.


the Optical Sound label has released the CD sampler Echo Location. It features tracks by bands of the french underground scene of the 1980s remixed by the bands themselves. Olivier Champeau aka Doctor olive has remixed the Little Nemo track Heart burns from The world is flat.