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News and updates January 2016

La Locomotive 29 Avril 2009 (picture Gildas)

Created :2006, May 13


References: the poet who wrote Les Vallees du Songe identified...
The attic: ... and you will find the lyrics of this song here.
Press: exclusive interview (in english) for this website celebrating Out of the Blue's release


Several concerts in and outside France...

NEWS 2016

Happy New Year to all of you, may it be benefic, both joyous and peaceful to you.
2015 witnessed several Little Nemo concerts and 2016 should follow this path, with some surprises.
Before discovering what lies ahead of us, you can discover an inspiration from the early years of the band, the poet behind Les Vallées du Songe (on the cassette froide),
coming back from the depths of memory (thanks Gildas!).

As a souvenir, a few pictures of the concert of Little Nemo with french veterans Charles De Goal and Guerre Froide in Paris at Le Petit Bain
(all photos by Vincent K, thanks to him).

NEWS 2014

The band played a tonic gig in front of a faithful audience in the crypt (nice sound indeed) of the Cantine de Belleville, with the promising TheSaintCyr.

Blue atmosphere (Photo Fred B.)

For this event, the setlist featured mainly songs from Past & Future and Sounds in the Attic, including the return of Fickleness!
This mastered performance demonstrates what a tightened team is now the band on stage.

Piano and voice to begin A une passante...a training for the final Berlin!

At the end, an unexpected Christmas bonus was delivered by Vincent, singing live on the studio version studio of Berlin,
a tribute to Stephane, who wrote the lyrics of this song and was here!

Happy end of the year to all of you while awaiting for new adventures...


The interview of DoctorOlive (in french) for Radio Arverne by the webmaster of this site and his acolyte Fabrice is now listenable on a dedicated page here.
You will find rarities, a rich testimony and as a bonus for this website, the story about the writing of Cadavres Exquis.

You will still have to wait to listen to DoctorOlive's single B Side, delayed for technical reasons.

Eventually, my radio show of september 2013 introducing the album Out of the Blue is listenable here.

Little Nemo's digital reissue downloadable on I Tunes, Amazon and on their Bandcamp goes on with:

- the Cadavres Exquis EP, with a bonus, the Halloween mix of That was no martian (initially only published on a promo CD)
and an exclusive bandcamp bonus, the video file of Cadavres Exquis restored and remastered
- the Bio-Logic EP, with a never-released before bonus, the forbidden mix de Bio-Logic. Olivier told us the story (in French) of this unreleased version (because of its
specific sample) in his radio interview a year ago for Haustline (issue 75 still listenable here).
- the album The World is Flat, with two bonuses, the instrumentals Solstice and April Anne, initially issued on a promo CD.

Doctor Olive & The Hoperators has just released on his own Bandcamp a new single, Swing Song Along.
This surprisingly 70's rock'n roll song, sounding like T Rex, should soon be followed by its B Side, The Fat Lady of Limburg, a Brian Eno cover.

Enjoy and have a good summer!


Little Nemo's whole catalogue is currently beeing digitally reissued, downloadable on I Tunes, Amazon and on the Bandcamp page of the band,
including on this last support the files in no-loss format and exclusive bonuses.
The reissues follow the chronological order and the initial album tracklisting, the initial CD bonus are gathered on their initial or other EPs (explanations below).
All reissues post Private Life have been slightly remastered to bring the sound dynamics up to today's standards while keping the essence of the original mix.

Up to now, you can find by order of appearance:
- the mini-album Private Life
- the album Sounds in the Attic with the uncompressed video file of New Flood as a bonus
- the You again EP, gathering initial B-sides as Berlin, The Fall or the Love is a lie version initially published as a CD bonus for the album Turquoise Fields
- the City Lights EP, with for the first time on a reissue the 1990 version of Old Age (forgotten on the 2009 Infrastition reissue) and the 1991 american remix
of City Lights, initially published on the Razormaid sampler and unreleased until now on a Little Nemo record. You can also find the 1990 version of Seconds.
- the album Turquoise Fields, with as a bonus the uncompressed video file of You Again (restored and remasterd by Daniel Gouyette,
so in better version than the You Tube one).

The other reissues are to follow, with other bonuses...


April, 18th:

After the concerts in Athens (with a fans audience blessed with a vast setlist, including Marine's come back) and at the Buzz in Paris,
the band is now rehearsing for his next concert in Germany.

Photo by our special reporter at the Buzz Fred B: how could a modern concert exist without smartphones?

Little Nemo's whole back catalogue is to be digitally reissued this year on Amazon and ITunes by the band and 3-to-the-3rd music.
This reissue will follow the original chronology and release format (EP, LP...) and will be enhanced with some unreleased versions.
It's starting with Private Life on April 14, to be soon followed by Sounds in the Attic (25 years after the first release) two weeks later.

You can also find all these forthcoming releases on the band's brand new bandcamp page, with a wider choice of files format.

Doctor Olive' back catalogue is also being digitally reissued on Amazon and ITunes.
Olivier announces new vocal tracks by Doctor Olive & The Hoperators, with a digital single to be released maybe before summer!
We are also expecting a new TimeWise track...

April, 1st:
The next shows scheduled will be in Athens at the Death Disco Club the 5th of April, in Paris at the Buzz the 10th of April and in Germany,
at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig the 7th of June.

Interviews for greek and peruvian websites will soon be published.


2014 looks like a promising year for concerts and good news for the band's fans.

The playlist on the 31 janauary at the OPA Bastille in Paris mixed numerous songs of the new album, rearranged for live performances,
with classics (including the return of "A day out of time"!). Hot atmosphere in front of a fans audience!

Photo Fred B.

Other concerts in France and Europe will soon be announced on the band's official site and on their Facebook,
the best way to be kept informed of new dates.
All contacts to book the band for concerts are exclusively made through the band's official site.

Daniel GOUYETTE, director who filmed the 2009 concert at La Locomotive announces the release of the DVD in may, to celebrate its 5th anniversary.

Vincent and Nico were interviewed (in english) for the Belgian website Peek A Boo.

The "first" album "Past and Future", released as a self-produced K7 tape in 1987, has been reissued in december
for the first time as a LP vinyl by the Spanish label Domestica Records, as a limited edition with a new sleeve.
It can be ordered here. It is not improbable that other old rarities may have a similar fate...

Otherwise, this site's webmaster, monthly guest of the radio programm Haustline as The Joker(!), has created a Soundcloud page, upon which you can find
the 26 september 2013 broadcast dedicated to Out of the Blue and soon the 23 january 2014 broadcast, including "Trojan waltz" in a special
"Sailor songs and vague à l'âme" thema.

NEWS 2013

A concert of Little Nemo is scheduled on January 31 in Paris, at the OPA Bastille (9 rue Biscornet), with the band 1979. Doors are opening at 8 PM.

The limited edition CD of Out of the Blue are currently being sent. A beautiful object to collect (the wonderful cover picture by Jerome Sevrette,
with a leaflet including exclusive pictures and the lyrics) and the ideal way to listen to the album in my opinion...
Little Nemo also have its official Twitter page (What else?).

Furthermore, the tape Past and Future of 1987 will be reissued for the first time as an original vinyl on the Spanish label Domestica Records, due for release
in December. You will read more accurate informations soon.

The band was interviewed on the french radio programm Rock One Attitude, (radio Sensations) on November 4.
It can be heard at the following soundcloud link.

Talking about French (sorry for our non french-speaking readers) radio:
- Philippe of the radio programm British Connection often plays Little Nemo songs (since the end of the 80's!). His radio programm can be heard on several
radio stations and web radios (list on his page) and on his own webradio.
- the radio programm Haustline broadcasted on September 26 with this site's webmaster as a guest for an introduction to the album Out of the Blue among a
"touching pop mood" playlist can be downloaded here.


The long, very long exclusive interview of the band with the webmaster of this site can be read on a new page in the press review.
Enjoy while listening to the album!

Here's the official video for Last Sunset !

September 22:

Little Nemo's new album, "Out of the Blue" is now available as MP3 downloads on on line stores.
A limited edition CD can be ordered on the official site.
The CDs ordered will be dispatched in November and a link to mp3 versions will soon be sent for every CD order.

Updates on the discography and references pages of this site have been made.
References abound on this album full of Mediterranean legends and myhology, also including two more poems of French authors Rimbaud and Artaud.

A long interview of the band will soon be published on this site... once I've finished to translate it!

Furthermore, the webmaster of this site is the guest of the radio programm Haust Line and will play several tracks of the album,
on September 26 from 7 to 8 PM (French hour).
The show is listenable live on the internet on this player.

September 13:

Sleeve picture: Jérôme SEVRETTE

"Out of the Blue", Little Nemo's fourth album is released on september 21 as a MP3 download.
You can already listen to samples on Amazon and iTunes websites. You can already preorder now on iTunes.

It will be released as a CD in November, on the official site' shop, where orders can be passed after September 21.
Here's a trailer in english:

This trailer also exists in italian and spanish.

The album contains twelve original songs, including one in greek and three in french.

An exclusive interview of the band for this website will be on line on September 21.

To celebrate this release, the band has recorded a new studio version of "September", a song from La Cassette Froide (1986), already on their live setlist.
You can enjoy this non-album track on this video:


Just the day before their concert in Barcelona, Little Nemo will play live with the band 1979 for the "fete de la musique" (each 21 june, musicians play for free
in the street) at Montlhéry (France, near Paris), on the market square. Shows start at 8 PM.

You can listen to Doctor Olive's interview for few weeks on the Haustline blog (radio show #75) here.

Olivier, co-founder of Little Nemo, keyboardist and singer from 1984 to 1992, then known as Doctor Olive, is the guest of the French radio programm Haust Line for the release of his last album, "The Return of the Legendary Lost Jukebox".

In this (rare and long) interview (in french) led by the webmaster of this site and Fabrice of Haustline, helped by the Counter-Clock Machine, you will discover the forbidden version of BioLogic(!), will learn more about Little Nemo and his musical evolution as Doctor Olive, and be introduced to his new vocal project TimeWise (with Paul Fiction of the band No Tears), and their first song, a surprising cover of a great classic, listenable on bandcamp since the 18th of May.

The interview will be broadcasted on Thursday 30 May between 7 and 8 PM (and once again on Saturday 1st of June between 10 and 11 PM) on Radio Arverne, 100.2 around
Clermont-Ferrand and at the same time worldwide on the Internet at the following link.
(Just click on "Ecoutez Arverne").

Book your calendars, listen and enjoy!

Olivier in Radio Arverne studio (photo The Joker)

If you did look for the Easter eggs a few days ago, you might enjoy searching for a few Little Nemo samples hidden in the song "FutuRetro"
on Doctor Olive's last album "The Return of the Legendary Lost Jukebox", published last month as a streaming and for sale on Bandcamp.

Doctor Olive will soon be interviewed on the French radio programm Haust Line on Radio Arverne (listenable on the Internet).
Come often on this site for futher informations.

Little Nemo will play live in Barcelona for the second time since 2010. The band will play new songs and classics for their spanish fans on June 22
at La Salamandra. Find more informations here.
Precious days ahead!


As the new Little Nemo album will soon be released, the video of their 2009 concert at La locomotive in Paris should also be made available soon.
The Infrastition has announced the forthcoming release of a DVD of the three concerts performed at the Infras-T-Pop Party, filmed by Daniel Gouyette.

The third Doctor Olive album, "The return of the legendary lost jukebox"(!), will be released March 22 on the site bandcamp.
The ten tracks album, including several with vocals, such as "The end of the beginning" and the Roxy Music cover "Love is the drug",
also features bonus tracks, including the "Heart burns" cover remix.


The band is currently working on the release of "Out of the blue" in the forthcoming months. You will soon be able to hear this long awaited new album.
This release will come along with an exclusive interview of the band on this website. Come back often to learn about the latest news.

Meanwhile, Little Nemo former singer, DoctorOlive, has decided to publish his yet unreleased third album, "Doctorolive... & thee Hoperators".
It should soon be available on Bandcamp, website where his two albums, "First DJ on the moon" et "Screenage boogie" can be listened and bought.
NEWS 2012
September 24:

Photos Fred B.

Little Nemo delivered a powerful performance at the Bus Palladium, in front of a hot audience. The set-list mixed classic tracks (among which City Lights
has made its return) with songs from the next album, to be released in 2013. Several captations can be viewed on you tube allowing you to get the feeling...
And for once, I can't resist posting a selection of them:

City Lights version 2012

"A une passante", sung from the audience...

"Starship", a song from the next album
September 2:

The next Little Nemo live show will take place in Paris the 21st of september, at the famous Bus Palladium. All details can be found here.
The gig in Bruxelles is cancelled.
May 26:

The Turquoise Fields website is pleased to announce the birth of Little Nemo's official website, littlenemo.org.
You will find there informations about the new album "Out of the blue" and news about the band, as well as pictures, videos and the opportunity to leave comments.
The new album is to be released in the autumn of this year. This Turquoise Fields website will keep on giving you informations and contents about the band and his history.

The Infrastition label has officially announced the forthcoming release of the 2009 concert DVD with Babel 17 and Complot bronswick.

May 2:

Little Nemo will play live in Paris on the 19th of june, with the band "1979". The gig will take place at 8 PM at Les Combustibles, 14 Abel Street, Paris.
The band will also perform live in Bruxelles, in september.

You will soon find on a new support more informations about the next album "Out of the blue" to be release this year.

We'll soon be back with further information!
A new support will soon give you further informations about Little nemo's forthcoming album, "Out of the blue". To keep you waiting, here's a medley of the twelve songs.
Enjoy this extract before we come back to you with other news.

This album features on several tracks the violoncellist Ian-Elfinn, a member of the band Les fragments de la nuit (he was already playing at the Locomotive concert in 2009).


Happy new year 2012 to all of you and thanks for being patient!
Little Nemo is actively exploring opportunities to play live and publish the so awaited new album.

For this purpose, the band has opened a page on the site reverbnation. You can sustain them and listen to an exclusive new original song from the next album,
"Last sunset" sung by Nico.

It will be the only exclusive song listenable to date as the french Radio Plus, who broadcasted the programm British Connection, has unfortunately ceased to emit.
We will give you the new site where you can listen to the radio DJ Philippe once he has found a new radio.

Last but not least, on the past side, you can view on You Tube a playback video of Julia performed by Asylum Party for a french TV programm in 1988.
The band didn't have a keyboardist then and so Olivier Champeau is miming playing keyboards on this video. A real rarity! Let me remind you that Philippe, ex-Asylum Party
guitarist and co-singer has published new tracks under the name Irrelevant Coda on his My Space page.

Enjoy while waiting for forthcoming news

photos Daniel Gouyette

NEWS 2011
The next album is now entering its phase of visual design.

Yves (today it's your birthday!) and his friends are listening to the mix (picture by Daniel "Hop Hop" Gouyette)
Three songs have been broadcasted as an exclusive in the french radio programm British Connection broadcasted on Thursday from 8:00 to 10:00 PM, listenable live on the Internet and then broadcasted as a podcast on the Radio Plus website.
"Golden days" sung by Nico was played on the 8th september, "Diskover" sung by Vince (in a language you will have to identify) on the 15 th and "Billion seasons" on the 22th.
On the 29 september, a special programm will be dedicated to Little Nemo.

You will then have to wait for the album release to listen to other extracts. You will read further informations about this release and the Locomotive concert DVD in a few weeks.

Cofee break: Aurélia, chorist at the Locomotive concert, contributed to the vocals on several songs ... talks about the songs' lyrics (pictures Daniel Gouyette)

Eventually, let's salute the departure of the french John Peel, Bernard Lenoir. He has just put an end to his evening radio show on the national radio france Inter, a space of musical discoveries for the hungry ears of several generations of listeners. He had supported Little Nemo in the Touching Pop era, you can listen to the band's 1990 Black Session (live in studio recording) interlaced with his interview of Olivier
on this site's radio.

This excerpt from "Railways and roads" will perfectly fit his settlement in Biarriz::
"Time to move to the city by the sea, western winds are calling for me".

Let's wander along the alleys of time on the Turquoise fields website...

On the future side, the new album is currently beeing mixed. You will find among these new songs in english, french or other langage two poems put into music (but this time, Baudelaire is not the author!).

On the past side, the press review benefits from numerous additions, thanks to the fantastic archives of Poitiers's fanzinothèque website. Among these articles newly found and added, there is a rarity: an introduction to the band that came along with the "cassette froide" in the Karnage Graphik fanzine in 1986. This text explains the Empty House lyrics.
The other articles or interviews added are coming from the french fanzines Senso for the year 1988, Worst for 1989, On a faim, Sehnsucht, Street zine and Subrock for 1990, Presto and Bubblegum for 1991 and Little Nemo's final interview (for the 1990s...) for l'Indic for 1992

Enjoy this summer!

A 1988 picture illustrating the interview in the Senso fanzine


Twenty years after "The world is flat", Little Nemo is currently recording its new album !

The band worked in the Val d'Orge studio with his long-time acquaintance Jean Taxis. "Turquoise fields" and "The world is flat" were recorded here, as well as the two covers recently published, Love will tear us apart and Puppet queen.

Twelve new songs were finished. In addition to its four members, other musicians, long-time or recent collaborators, contributed to the recording.

Instruments and voices new to Little Nemo's soundscape will be heard.

The album is now being mixed and should be released during the second half of the year.

Other european concerts are beeing planned for this period, as well as the release of the 2009 Lococmotive gig DVD.

While Ronan was away, Jean Taxis, Yves, Nico et Vincent
Photo Daniel Gouyette
In studio Val d'Orge, exchangig ideas about the arrangements of a song...
Photo The Joker


Here's a new recording, the Dorcel cover by Little Nemo, issued since the beginning of 2011 on the Movement One Volume 3 sampler (orderable here):

Other news will soon follow as this active year is now in its springtime...

NEWS 2010

December, 13th:

Str8line Records publishes extracts from its forthcoming sampler Movement One Volume 3. You just have to follow this link, then click on the left on "Compilations" , then , under the sleeve, click on "suite".

A player gives you the opportunity to listen to an extract of all the tracks from thsi sampler, including Little Nemo covering "Puppet queen" by Dorcel and beeing covered by the famous french band Norma Loy, who choosed "Bed in summer", an unreleased track on the "cassette froide".

Enjoy the listening and the end of the year 2010!

December, 3rd:

You will find on You Tube several videos of the concert at Kollatina Underground in Roma, including "Seconds" from Past and Future, specially added on the playlist and a surprising cover of Neil Young's "Old man". Several new songs were played, including the track "Starship".

A review in italian of this concert can be read here. Anyone able to translate it in french and english?

Little Nemo à Rome le 20 novembre

The Movement 3 sampler is available in pre-order and shall be released this winter. To keep you waiting, here's a trailer to watch here.

Eventually, another member of the ex-touching pop family is making an unexpected come back: Philippe, ex-guitar player and co-singer of Asylum Party.
Six years after the release by Infrastition of its album "Black Sheep" under the name of Irrelevant, he reappears on My Space behind the slighly changed pseudonym of Irrelevant Coda.
Two songs are listenable on its page. A third track appears on a free downloadable sampler, "D'eux", published by the label Fatalobject.
This sampler also features a new track by Brachko, the new project of Mary Goes Round's former leader Jérome.

Have a nice end of year 2010!


Here's the flyer of Little Nemo's upcoming concert in Rome on the 20th November.

This site welcomes a new page in the press review (with current interviews and chroniques).

You will find on the links page three radio programms broadcasting touching pop among other styles of music, and listenable on internet (all explanations on the links page).

- British Connection on Thursday evening from 08 to 10 PM on Radio Plus, animated by Philippe. Playing new wave, alternative rock, this programm has just started again, it used to exist at the end of the 80's. Little Nemo were (and still are) broadcasted (each week!) and interviewed (1989 interview in this site's radio). The previous programms are avalaible as podcasts on Radio Plus website.

- Data Panik also on Thursday evening from 8 to 9 PM on Radio Arverne (near Clermont-Ferrand), animated by Fabrice. This site webmaster is regularly invited in this programm dedicated to post-punk.

- Archive on Saturday, from noon to 1 PM on Radio Campus Clermont-Ferrand, animated by Lionel. This site webmaster is regularly invited in this ecclectic programm.


At least two events are expected this autumn:

- the next concert of Little Nemo in Roma on 20th of November (more informations on Facebook)

- the release in November of the CD sampler "Movement 3" on the Str8line label (managed by a member of the french band No Tears), upon which Little Nemo covers Dorcel... and is covered by Norma Loy.

Besides, the last issue of the french magazine Elegy features a chronique of the sampler "30 years with(out) Ian Curtis", as well as a short text by Little Nemo explaining the influence Joy Division had on them.


The gig took place in the hot and intimate ambience of the Klub, in Paris on the 13th of June.
Pictures can be seen on the band's official Facebook.

Several new songs (including one with lyrics in "proto-greek"!) where played amongst Little Nemo's classics.

Other concerts should be planned in the autumn, while the band will start recording the new album.

above, on the right: Ronan and Nico.

on the left and right: Nico, Yves (t-shirt The Who and creepers) and Vincent, whose look is a mix between the Night of The Hunter's Reverend Harry Powell and the man with the golden face!

photos: Erwan Lesergent


The concert in Barcelone happened in spite of the uncertainties caused by the ashes of the islandish volcano.
The spanish audience was a warm one and a fan described this gig as a "precious and elegant" one. Especially for this gig and answering an old fan's request, the band played "Precious days". As a growing tradition, bootleg videos of this event can be found on You Tube...

It was also a opportunity to play live 4 new songs, sometimes in unexpected languages and in various styles. Nico (the new name of Bill) and Vincent share the vocal parts.

Left, at the airport, waiting for an uncertain plane...above, a picture of the Barcelone gig

The French audience (and foreign fans also) will be able to discover these new tracks at the next concert of the band in Paris.
This event will gather BA13, Babel 17 and Little Nemo live on Sunday 13th June at 6 PM at Le Klub. Tickets will be on sale only the evening of the show, at Le Klub.

The aim is to promote the release on the 18th of May of the Infrastition sampler tribute to Ian Curtis, which contains the cover of Love will tear us apart (which will also be played live).
It is the first time that a recording of the new Little Nemo reformé is released!

here's the concert flyer...

... and the sampler, which can be ordered here.


The Infrastition label has officiously announced the forthcoming release of a Ian Curtis tribute sampler, "30 years with(out) Ian Curtis", 30 years after his death. It will include covers of Joy Division by several french bands including Charles De Goal, Babel 17, Complot Bronswick, Collection d'Arnell-Andrea, Opera Multi Steel, No Tears, Clair Obscur, Hide and Seek... Little Nemo will cover "Love will tear us apart" (recorded at Val d'Orge studio). The band has already performed the song live at the Vicenza gig.

A gig with Babel 17 and Little Nemo is scheduled to promote this release, on the 13th of June, at Le Klub in Paris. Several new Little Nemo songs will be played live.
A party to promote this release should also take place in Paris in May.

A DVD of the live recorded gigs by Little Nemo, Babel 17 and Complot Bronswick at the April 2009 Infras-T-Pop Party du 29 avril 2009 will be released in the coming months.

You will find more informations here.


The next gigs announced will take place in:

Barcelona (8th of May), more informations here.
and Paris (13th of June).

The gig in Milano is postponed.

Several new songs should be played at these gigs.

The band will soon record a cover of the french band Dorcel, for the str8line label's sampler "Movement 3", to be released in September.

Another cover should be recorded for a future tribute sampler on the Infrastition label. The label is also working on a DVD of the 2009 Infras-T-Pop Party.

NEWS 2009

A successful gig in Vicenza (bootleg videos are already on You Tube), with a surprise cover closes up this year 2009 full of events. Other concerts will be planned in this country in 2010, with new songs on the setlist.

Severals projects, including a new album, will surface in 2010.

To keep you waiting, here's an exclusive recent interview of Little Nemo (in english) on a greek website.

Good reading and here's as a Christmas gift, a rarity in this site's radio playlist: the 1989 version of Old Age, a B Side on the City Lights EP and the You Again single... forgotten by the band as they were working on the anthology published by Infrastition in 2009!

Here's also a link to watch a curious video of City Lights, specially made in 1989 for a French TV programm...

Let me also remind you that two Touching Pop bands released new albums this year:
- Babel 17 with "The Ice Wall" on Infrastition
- and former Mary Goes Round's singer and guitarist, Jérome, who published under the name Brachko a brand new (and first) album, "The Man with the hammer" on Fatalobject music.

Happy new year 2010 to all of you!


Little Nemo's forthcoming gig in Italy, on the 7th of December, in Vicenza, also announced here:

affiche vicenza 2009
October, the 30th:

Here's the latest news and some links to listen to rarities and oddities:

Regarding the next album to be issued in the second half of 2010, the band has recorded nine demos.
Two other songs will be recorded to be published on samplers:
- the "Movement 3" sampler of the Str8line label, whose concept is that each band contributing is recording a cover of another contributing band (more information here).
- another surprise tribute sampler for 2010, whose detais will be announced later

Concerning old rarities or unreleased songs by former Little Nemo members or relatives, let me suggest you:
- first of all, on the My Space touching pop, listen to two 1985 Little Nemo demos:
Mad Master, a sci-fi theme on a music heavily influenced by the Stranglers LP "Feline", which only reappeared on the 2009 Locomotive gig setlist
September, a version sung by Olivier different from the "Cassette Froide" demo.
- Then, Little nemo's former sound engineer, Herr Doktor, who later was a member of Aqualites (read the History section ), has published on his My Space page covers he made of  several tracks, including City Lights and several Aqualites songs.
- Last and not least, here's  Little Nemo former singer, Olivier Champeau, later known as Doctor Olive, whose My Space presents sevral tracks from an album announced for 2009.

Enjoy this music while waiting for further information about all these projects to come.
June, the 27th:

Some news...

For the next gigs scheduled, the italian dates will be:
7 december: Vicenza, at the Totem (with Attrition).

The band is currently working on writing the songs for the next album, with home-studio recording, rehearsals and demo recording this summer.
You can expect new Little Nemo music in the months to come!

To keep you waiting, expect old rarities to listen to very soon ...

Photo Gildas


May, the 31th:

For promotionnal or booking concern, you can write to Little Nemo management at the following e-mail:

Italian dates announced:
Little Nemo's first scheduled gigs outside France will take place in Italy. A few italian people went to see them play in Paris, it will be the band's turn to make the travel!
In december, Little Nemo will play in Vicenza on the 7.

May, the 6th:
Pictures Gildas

The concert in La Locomotive was a success in front of a numerous and international audience, rather enthousiastic afterwards, even if the rocky tone of the gig surprised many people...
You can watch pictures shot during the gig on the My Space touching pop page, an account on the Memories page of this site and more if you browse on You Tube...

The band plans other concerts after the summer, in France and Europe, and a new album for 2010.

On the oldies side, at the end of the radio playlist, you can now listen to an interview (in French, sorry for the non French speaking visitors) of Olivier and Vincent with Philippe and the team of the radio programm "British Connection" on Radio Val, originally broadcasted in February 1989 before the release of "Sounds in the Attic". You'll learn for instance why Vincent had to write the lyrics to Marine. A picture of this meeting can be seen on the Memories page. Thanks to Philippe and enjoy!


April, the 26th:

A slight change for the gig on Wednesday, the 29th of April at Paris, at La locomotive club:
the female vocal contribution at the end of the Little Nemo set will not be performed by Liesbeth of Hide and Seek, but by Aurelia, of the band Eole.


March, the 22th:

In now less than one month, Little Nemo's come back gig will take place in Paris. Liesbeth of the french band Hide&Seek will make her vocal contribution at the end of the show.

Other gigs should follow in Europe and France.

Here's an exclusive picture of Little Nemo 2009:

Photo Thierry Dudoit

Read a review of Little Nemo reissues on the Infrastition label here.

See also in the updates section two exclusive pictures taken in 1989 (thanks to Philippe for visiting his attic! waiting for more sounds...),
one very rare with various Touching Pop members
and visit two links, one leading to Doctor Olive come back on My Space and the other on an encyclopedia of French rock bands.


February, the 17th:

I told you two months ago about a video bonus. Here it is! Well done, Gildas! Try to recognize the songs played!
You can leave a comment at the following Daily motion link.

February, the 16th:

You can listen (only for 15 days) to the radio programm Coma Electrique with Little Nemo as guests, read about the playlist of the show and find the contest to win some Little Nemo CD here:


Sorry, it's all in French!

February, the 9th:

Infrastition has just announced the release of the Little Nemo reissues on the 9th of February! You can order the Cds on their site.

Let me remind you that on Friday the 13th of February, Little Nemo will be interviewed in the programm Coma Electrique on the parisian radio station Aligre FM, listenable live and then replayable on the Internet.

Here's the radio DJ message to announce this much-awaited event:
On friday the 13th of February, at the 7:30 PM meeting (pure happiness!) : enter the world of LITTLE NEMO on ALIGRE FM 93.1 : you will hear touching carachters and travel listening to an excellent original soundtrack for the reissue of the discographic work of LITTLE NEMO by the label Infrastition...
There will be LITTLE NEMO records to win when the programm will be broadcasted again in 48 hours, for 15 days on the site http://coma.electrique.free.fr (listenable in streaming or podcastable).

It's the opportunity to create the Agenda section above as these events require!
January, the 28th:

La locomotive, Infrastition and D Side are planning, at the famous Locomotive Club, near the also famous"Moulin Rouge":

January, the 15h:

An interview of Little Nemo is published in the issue 50 of the French magazine D-Side in January. Alongside this in depth interview, this issue contains a review of the forthcoming reissues and organises a contest with 10 CDs to be winned..

The members of Little Nemo will be interviewed live on the parisian radio station Aligre FM, in the "Coma Electrique" programm on Friday, the 13th of February, from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM (French hour).

The program is listenable live the station's site and will then be listenable in streaming or podcastable for 15 days, at the following links:
http://coma.electrique.free.fr (the radio programm) and http://www.aligrefm.org (the radio station).

Let's have a thought for Patrick Mac Goohan, who passed away a few days ago.
He had created the TV serial "The Prisonner" and played the main character. This serial has been influential for many children and has inspired Little Nemo the song "Be seeing you" (listenable on top of the radio playlist radio and to read about on the references page)

January, the 10th:

Hello to you all, I wish you a happy new year. Thanks again for your faithfulness!

2009 will see the dreams of 2008 to become true!

Infrastition will reissue a Little Nemo anthology in two double-CDs, remastered with leafleats loaded with rare and unreleased pictures and documents! It was worth the wait!

As an exclusive, enjoy on this site the "planets" sleeves chosen by the band for each of this two CDs.

The first volume will gather the first official demo tape "Past and Future" (for the first time on digital support!), "Sounds in the attic", "Private Life" and "Berlin", B-side of the "New flood" single as wall as the "Seconds" version later recorded for the "Out of nowhere" sampler as bonuses.

The albums "Turquoise Fields" and "The world is flat", the "Cadavres exquis" and "Bio logic" EPs, and as bonuses, "City lights" of the "13" sampler (both short and long version) and two rare tracks once published on the limited edition single "Au milieu du Ciel" will make their way on the 2nd volume.

Sorry for the hardcore fans, but the first unreleased demos won't be published, the band didn't wish them to appear. Anyway, you can listen to the ones on the radio and on My Space touching pop.

Speaking about this, the zealous Zildas, sorry, Gildas, has created on Facebook a page dedicated to the band, that you can watch even if you're not registered on this network. There, you will find the videoclips, some unreleased pictures and will enjoy the opportunity to send him a message.

A gig in Paris will celebrate the event and we can even think dream of a new album...

To be followed...